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Yesterday Ikea turned 21, if only one of us really did have the key to the door so we could lock it shut and vow never ever to return there. Ikea is the only store that I can think of where people will shlep miles to a part of the country they would never normally step foot in to inevitably have ...
Excuse the English spelling, I just can't say 'Mom'...not when talking about my Mum anyway!So what am I getting at in this title? Well, quite simply, this post is about being able to explain what your business is clearly and precisely. And it can be surprisingly difficult to do. Well you're here ...
Google Suggest is one of my favourite products currently in Google ‘Labs’ mode. It’s very simple really, Google offers you suggestions for what you might like to search for in real time as you type in your query. Just typing in the letter M brings up a suggestion for MySpace, as the clever Googl...
When I was little I remember reading in Smash Hits magazine (a fine publication) that a girl had persuaded those who lived in her cul-de-sac to officially change the street name to ‘Spice Girls Close’. I was insanely jealous and expected my parents to move across the country immediately just so I...
It’s Wednesday evening, almost time to go home (in the UK at least!), and if you just read the last post then you may be in need of some light relief! Luckily, I have just the site for you. My favourite real estate blog, REagent in Connecticut, is approaching its first birthday. To celebrate the ...
It’s been a long time since I’ve talked technical here on Activerain, but some of us Rainers are actually more focused on real estate technology rather than house viewings on a day to day basis. If you're one of those people you may find the following post interesting. Written by my colleague Ric...

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