In todays market it is getting harder and harder to qualify customers.  Due to the rescession that we are heading into prospective clients are having trouble with keeping there credit scores top notch.  I have found through the "Rapid Re-scoring" program available through CIC Credit that we now h...
Just wanted to post and let all know that Ameridream is having a Virtual Town Hall meeting on Wednesday August 20th at 3:00pm EST/ 12:00pm PST.  You can email if you have any questions or need to sign up.  Discussion will be: The introduction of a new bill and timeline The...
Can anyone tell me how to create a profile back ground?  I have noticed that when I go into some of the profiles they have a more detailed profile with back ground pics and links to credit application etc.  Please help me if you don't mind! Thank you in advance Peggy
Yes, Guys one day I will write my own blogs but for now I also found another tid-bit on tax credit that could help get some of our homes sold.  This time it is for Low Income Buyers.  I will post it below.  Happy reading! HOME BUILDERS APPLAUD NEW IRS REGULATIONS ON UTILITY ALLOWANCES FOR LIHTC P...
Just something to pass along to everyone.  This can really help us out!   The nation's home builders are confident that a new temporary $7,500 tax credit for first-time home buyers included in a landmark housing bill enacted into law last week will get buyers back into the marketplace and help en...
Good Morning everyone,  I awoke this morning and could not wait to get to the office and open up my aciverain account to see how many responses I received last night.  It was overwhelming how many of you out there are so nice to take the time out of your busy schedule to read and respond to my bl...
Hello to all the activerain members.  I stumbled across this site today and after getting aquainted with it I decided that I should join.  I am very happy with it and have hopes that it will help educate me as I grow in the mortgage industry.   If you have any advise for me then fill free to emai...
I know most of you already know about DPA programs and that they are no longer going to be available, as some of the companies out there have stopped allowing the use of them already this week.  I just wanted to post an email that was sent to me last week.  If you have any thoughs or ideas please...

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