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There are many benefits when owning a home compared to renting. 1: Better control of your finances. 2: Tax benefits. 3: Investment vs. Loss 4: Pride of Ownership 5: Equity  
This is your chance to be heard and win a few dollars doing it. Why do you love Philadelphia? Is it strong enough to be the winner???     To submit your video here at sold on Philadelphia.
In this video there are three easy things to do to improve the value of your home. I know, there are the extreme make-overs we see on the television, however, it will not take that amount of money we see being tossed around on those shows. These three simple steps will help in getting your home s...
Yes a treasure was found today from an unlikely source and maybe I just never paid attention. The boys were off from school and considering I tagged them along with me, I treated them to lunch. I do have a specific other name for Macdonald’s, and yes I am such a bad father because my boys use it ...
These four easy money saving ideas will help you in the process of purchasing your next home. Yes you will need some self discipline, however, these very small life changing challenges should help do the trick.
In this video we explore some tips for making a wise real estate purchase. Save For A Big Down Payment Don't Overextend Yourself Consider the Work Involved Really Shop Around
What is it that is bigger than me? “Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.” Talmud I have often pondered that question and have sought guidance in my prayers on what is it that is bigger than me. This morning I posted on Facebook “Good Morning World!!! Money is a good servant, but a bad ...
This house is available to view with the Open House Every Day Program   If this house is not for you you can see more by clicking HERE    
Real estate is a means to an end, or rather should be a means that should not consume your whole being; yes you know who you are. Do you take time for yourself, family, hobbies, Spiritual life, etc…? Or, do you allow others to determine how you are going to live your life? Well to me the Real Est...
  I’ve had the question asked “When is the best time to sell my Northeast Philly home?” Well that all depends on “Why” one needs to sell their Northeast Philly home. Let’s take certain aspects out of the equation for your Northeast Philadelphia home. Are you facing foreclosure, need to short sale...

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