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Many years ago I was told the story of "The Scorpion and The Fox" or "The Scorpion and The Frog."This story can be interpreted in various ways and is what brings me to my thought today.  As we were laying in bed and I was about to drift off to sleep last night, my wife informed me of something th...
Oh what a joy it was last night at the Burholme Night Market in Philadelphia... Barbeque...Cheesteaks...and Beer...OH MY!!!! ...along with other specialty food trucks and vendors. Originally we were supposed to go elsewhere, however, that fell through, so we decided to go have dinner with our nei...
Taking that leap from being a parent to several leadership roles in the Boy Scouts of America has been very rewarding....and at some times very challenging... Do a good turn daily....Be Prepared...Do Your Best...Keeping myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight...kind of sound...
  As the Philadelphia Pennsylvania housing market appears to have a shortage of homesellers, and the increase in homebuyers, why did your Philadelphia home not sell? We always hear that Price, Condition, and Location are major factors on why a home does not sell...and that does hold merit on its ...
It is tax season and when I receive my refund I am going to blow it all away on heard correct...STUFF...just stuff that I know I will just toss in the corner...or...or a new TV that does everything for me...or...or...a new man gadget...or..or... HOLD UP!!!! WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Have we a...
It really, really, sucks.... Yes I stated that....imagine you are an outdoors type of person and you are laid up in bed, and you can only lift the remote or something similar in weight. Now imagine if you were to be like that for the remainder of your life...or worse, not on this side of the grou...
Trash day....especially after the Christmas Holiday...Boxes, Bottles, Paper...OH MY!!!! Sorting out the recycle and the perishables...yes it is a pain in the...where the sun shines the least, however, we must protect the environment we live in. No, I am not a radical environmentalist, I do howeve...
How to Use PVC for wasted Space Many...many...many... years ago I used to tune into the same Bat Time, and same Bat Channel...and Batman had gadgets for anything and everything, regardless of the situation... Well...I grew up in a not so great neighborhood in Philadelphia at that time, and me and...
As one that sees the opportunities around me...I really hate to bust your bubble...there is no "Secret" or "Magic Bullet" in real estate....keep reading....because there is more on how you will get clients. Back in 2007 one of the Brokers I previously worked for made this statement, "...All of yo...
As I look back over the oh my has it been that long...I have seen the steady growth within myself. As a parent we sometimes see the continual increase of our children becoming young men and women, try to guide them, and hopefully release them into the crazy world we live in.I stress th...

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