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Fun fact: until 2016 when the JOBS Act flipped the game on its head, you had to be an “accredited investor” to take a stake in a private company.   To qualify, you needed to make north of $200k per year and have a net worth of $1M or more. That meant more than 90% of Americans were barred from i...
RagingBull Boardroom review! Do you want to invest in startup companies but think that you need to be an accredited investor? Nope! Not since the JOBS act was passed recently. Now you can invest in startup companies even if you have a networth of less than $1MM !  THOUSANDS of startup companies a...
Do you have an emergency fund?  If you are not familiar with what an emergency fund is, this is money that you typically put aside just in case you are faced with an emergency. Some emergencies that you might come face to face with are: Your car breaks down  You might lose a job  You might have s...
Maleah and I have invested in 'real' real estate and ONLINE real estate. By 'online' real estate, I mean cash-flowing websites. We have invested in many different websites and in several rental properties and figured out that building or buying websites has many advantages over conventional real ...
It’s fair to say that everyone would love moving to be a simple and stress-free process. Sadly, things are never that easy! If you’re lucky enough to have found a new home and have sold your current house, then it’s just the next steps you need to worry about: packing and moving your belongings. ...
Finding a real-estate investing mentor is one of the keys to success. As one wealthy and famous investor once said ' you can learn from mistakes, but they don't have to be YOUR mistakes!'. An investment mentor can give you a huge boost when it comes to learning the ropes quickly. To find an inves...
We all know what an IQ is - our intelligence quotient. Our IQ is a number that reflects our intelligence, ranging from a deficit to genius levels. Similar to an IQ, our EQ - or emotional quotient - measures our range of emotional genius. Your money IQ measures your knowledge about money, how it w...
Investing in real estate can be extremely profitable!Becoming a property investor does not have to be expensive or difficult for the average person. There are many strategies that you can learn that will enable you to invest as little as $3,000 and make money on rental property or make massive re...
Here are some of the ways that we invest in real estate without actually purchasing any properties. 1. We buy real estate exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETFs are groups of stocks that you can buy so that you are automatically diversified. We buy real estate ETFs e.g. $VNQ which is a REIT ETF by Va...
Situational Awareness is a construct that in its simplest terms means knowing what’s going on around you, being aware and remaining vigilant to threats and the potential for them. The blog post article, 5 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs a Concealed Carry Permit highlights many instances of real lif...

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