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Wow, what a week for stock trading. The market has had its single biggest drop in recorded history with fears about a pandemic of the Corona Virus and a lovely new oil war starting.  Sure, this will be good for gas prices, but it is horrible for the stock market! Unfortunately people are seeing t...
Even in a buyers’ market, there are smart ways to minimize property costs even further.Typically, buying a house is like buying a property. It is a blank slate, and you have theopportunity to mold it to your will. This is both exciting and problematic. If you have endlessmoney to spend, you can c...
These last few weeks have been fantastic from an investment point of view. I have been learning a new options trading strategy from a FREE EBOOK called The Trader's Black Book. Disclaimer: This article has some affiliate links in it and I might be compensated if you click through and buy anything...
I had to work on developing an investment mindset. It wasn't something that came naturally to me. From finding stocks to swing trade to real-estate investing, I never try to underestimate the importance of my mental state. What Am I Talking About? You can call it grit, stickability, spunk, tenaci...
Binary options are an unusual form of trading the markets. Many people haven’t even heard of them! Binary options trading is a form of trading based on a single question: “Did a Stock, Index, Commodity or Forex pair end up above a certain price or not, within a pre-defined time period (called th...
Do you read books? Maybe you read books on building wealth or how to get rich? Or perhaps you just enjoy to read a good novel to relax.Ever since I was a kid I have been an avid reader. Reading books was what I did for fun before the internet! Now I am just hopelessly addicted to the massive amou...
Learn how to trade stocks the easy way!The stock market has been on a great rally since the election of president Trump in 2016. This has led to an economic environment that is perfect for new traders to learn to trade stocks.This rally is showing no signs of running out of steam. I remain very o...
How Tom Gentile Makes A Years profits in 30 daysI came across a very interesting character today on a webinar that I signed up for. The guys name is Tom Gentile and he is considered to be one of the best pattern traders in the world.He is a seasoned trader, having started at the tender age of 21 ...
There is an app that gives you a stock worth up to $200 every time you sign-up or refer a friend! The stock trading app is called Robinhood. It is the first commission free stock brokerage account. This means that you can trade stocks with no commissions!This is truly revolutionary because it all...
My stock trading mentor and millionaire stock trader, Jeff Williams, has been absolutely revolutionizing what is possible for people with small accounts.Have you heard of Jeff Williams Supernova line?When you only have a few thousand to trade, every penny counts. I know because that is where my w...

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