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I was at a party a few weeks ago and met a friend who is in the new home and renovation business. He mentioned that he had just completed his certification regarding the New Lead Paint Law which took effect in April of this year. This law affects homes that were built prior to 1978 and have lead ...
It looks like its going to be a beautiful day here in New York ! Who the heck wants to sit in the office on a day like this ? Not me ! But, to stay alive and prosper in this market how can I give up these precious hours and potentially miss out on meeting a new client and making it a successful d...
Ok, help me out here; We, the U.S has borrowed billions from the Chinese. FNMA needs a few more billion because they are still loosing money. Now we are lending money to Europe to help bail out Greece ? What the hell is going on in this country ? Maybe its just me and I am loosing my mind ?
Big news in the Wall Street Journal and on Fox news was that FNMA needs another bailout of $8.4 Billion after a 1st quarter loss of $11.5 Billion !  The Wall Street Journal notes that FNMA has accumulated about $145 Billion in loss's "which is nearly double its profits for its 35 year history" Th...
 Everyone needs a little stress release from this crazy real estate business. My chosen stress reliever is racing in Triathlon's. This year marks my 50th birthday. I have always wanted to run the New York City Triathlon. For my 50th I wanted to do it. Unfortunatly  the race registration was close...
Great 4 bedroom 2.5 bath classic colonial located on prestigious Highland Avenue in Middletown. Corner lot, convenient location. Give me or your broker a call to view this wonderful home.  MLS # 478212 Home inspection complete ! Call Pete Lazier for more details or for viewing
I have been an active Realtor and appraiser for over 30 years. Competion within the Realtor community as well as the housing market is tough. One of my daily routines is to view the new listings as well as expired and sold listings. Its kind of disturbing at times to look at the market activity a...
Ok, so April 30th has come and gone. Word on the street is that FHA guidlines are going to change including a possible increase in mortgage insurance premiums. Realtors and clients I have talked to during the past few months have asked me how are things and what do I think will happen the the rea...
In this market I have heard what the benefits may be from both sides of the fence. Little increase, if any at all, in value, difficult buying process, little money to work with. Where is the real estate industry going ?

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