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                  The other day, I published a blog post about incense in a seller's home. It sparked a good conversation and we all agreed on what we already knew: keep the smells to a minimum. I did mention the uses for such a thing in my post and one of the uses was for spiritual purposes. One...
I'm a burner. So naturally, when I toured a home with my buyer recently, the smell of incense when I walked in didn't bother me. It actually made me interested in just who these sellers were. My buyer however, thought the smell was from cigarettes, and immediately had thoughts of how she was goin...
  So I was up late browsing because I wanted to get caught up on this so called Miley Cyrus debacle just to see what all the hype was about. After I read a couple articles and saw that the hype really wasn't that deep, my peripheral vision caught glimpse of a title to the left of the pag...
    When I got a call from a buyer recently, I thought she was calling because she loved the blog post I wrote about the Enclave at Milton Park since she had registered to my website and called me the day after to view a listing in that subdivision. Truth is, she probably did love the blog post b...
  So I was browsing through homes for sale in Alpharetta, GA online for a client of mine who is relocating. FSBO's are not excluded from that search. I see a home on Craigslist that I want to go preview. Now keep in mind that I leave FSBO's right where they are. If I see one I am interested in fo...

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