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As a Real Estate Agent Patricia welcome referrals and people relocating to Dallas Fort Worth.



  Unusual Sky Over Flower Mound, TX6:20 PM, 2/26/17   The sky appeared to be inspiring, ominous, and beautiful over Flower Mound, Texas this evening. It was the lovely artistic strokes in the sky that caught my attention while driving home this evening. I just had to pull over near the school pla...
Musings  by ©Patricia Feager, 2/26/2017  The anticipation of spring is always a fascination with me. As a homegrown Midwestern girl, I was fascinated by the weather and the storms that lit up the sky at night. I could be perched on my front porch protected by a red and white canopy chasing storms...
Musings, ©Patricia Feager, 2/25/2017 If all you got today was one or ounce of happiness, you had a good day! A flower is a powerful antidote to stress. Happiness grows in tight places and open spaces. In the light of day, colors pop! That's when you know spring is in the air! There is so much pot...
©By Patricia Feager, 2/25/2017 TEXAS HOMEOWNERSDo you need flood insurance? The best thing to do is check with your Home Owners Insurance Agent before it begins to rain and floods. To find out if your property or a property in an area you're thinking about buying is in a Flood Zone, check with FE...
12:55 a.m., Central Standard Time, in the City of Balch SpringsHappening now in Dallas County - Five Alarm Fire! Jimmy's Automotive is completely destroyed. The fire started earlier this evening around 7 p.m. and quickly escalated to a 3 Alarm, 4 Alarm, and now a 5 Alarm Fire. The Automotive Shop...
©Patricia Feager, 2/24/2017 The story about Monica Lewinsky is known around the globe and will live on as part of the American history during the Clinton Administration and famous sex scandals forever. Like most people, I watched, listened, and read about Monica's story. Today I felt compassion f...
©Patricia Feager, 2/22/17 As a follow-up to Results are a Vision - Happiness is Contagious! today's post is about Courage - A Projection of People's Dreams. Twenty years ago I was filled with hope, courage, determination, excitement, and encouragement when my employer, Abbott Laboratories offered...
©Patricia Feager, 2/21/2017 I just finished reading, "Think About that First Impression," by Nick & Trudy Vandekar who wrote a great story after being inspired by a post written by Sharon Tara! They were both wonderful! As I read their stories and watched Nick's video I got that surge of happines...
©Patricia Feager, 2/21/2017  Keeping teenagers engaged and focused on making their own good and healthy life choices is sometimes the hardest thing a parent has to do. When there is a move, or when children grow up they need to know there are opportunities that will appeal to them. "Adolescence i...
by Patricia Feager, 2/20/2017 This is Part 3 for families moving to North Texas to discover what local cities offer Teens. For this segment, the focus is on the City of Denton. Seeking opportunities for teens can be a challenge. It helps to know in advance what parents and teens can expect when m...

Patricia Feager, MBA, CRS, GRI,MRP

Selling Homes Changing Lives
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Patricia Feager with DFW FINE PROPERTIES has sold residential real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth for more than twenty years. She understands making choices needs informed decision making. She takes her career seriously and enjoys helping her clients transition to a new location, whether it is local or from out of town. Keeping clients informed throughout the process with effective communication and understanding their needs is important. Her assessments begin with taking into consideration the current market conditions and providing truthful information to her clients. Knowing what their highest to lowest priorities are and facts about what their specific needs and the current market conditions helps everyone to understand expectations. Clarity, facts, valuable feedback, observations are part of the journey when moving.