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 Below is a look at our local Real Estate market as it pertains to "Residential Detached" properties only.  This info is provided as a courtesy to those who are interested in how the Pensacola area Real Estate market is performing.  Anybody who is intyerested in obtaining more in-depth data shoul...
A friend of mine recently showed me a picture of a For Sale By Owner sign that reads the following: House For Sale By Owner because my neighbor is an a*&^%@e! So my immediate question to seeing this photo was "Is that considered to be a form of disclosure?"
A brand new buyers agent in our office recently about to close his first transaction and was soliciting suggestions for a closing gift for his clients. After much thought and deliberation, he decided to send flowers to the home that his clients had just purchased.  When the flowers arrived his cl...
 Question: What does the housing market and Terrell Owens have in common? Answer: Both have declined in value recently and they are both distressed. Sometimes you have to apply the laws of the sporting world to the housing market.  When a player becomes a distraction in the locker room and puts s...
Is it me or is it just the shift in the market that is making people do unsavory and unethical things?  Don't we have enough of a hard time fighting the "sleazy used car saleman" icon that has placed upon our profession?  Are the honest, professionals in our industry being overshadowed by the dir...
How important is it for us properly educctae our buyers and sellers?  I mean really how many of us in this declining market jump at the "opportunity" to pick up a potential client.  But are we really screening our clients to see if they are the right fit for us?  How many of us are interiewing th...
Home buyers...what are you waiting for?  In this time of extreme doom and gloom, I want to actually inject some good news into the equation.  If you're a first time home buyer and you have been on the fence about making the leap into home ownership, now is a perfect time for you to reap the benef...
Below is a snapshot of the local Real Estate market here in Pensacola, Florida.  The numbers that stick to me are the monthly sales for January 2009 in relationship to the number of listings.  The fact that roughly 3% of the listings in Pensacola MLS sold tells me that even after 18 months or mor...
As my absolute first post on Active Rain I thought "what the heck do I write about"?  Then after several minutes of complete agony over the topic of my blog topic, I came to the conclusion that I would just use this as a way to introduce and promote my vision for the future.  I have decided that ...

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