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Several years ago while driving down the main street of Woodstock, Ga. during the rush hour crush, motorists were treated to the sight of a full grown turkey walking up and down the sidewalk. Now, afternoon traffic through beautiful downtown Woodstock can be a bit slow, so there was plenty of tim...
As a marketing director for a busy agent here at the brokerage, I keep my nose to the grindstone, and other than occassional emails updating sellers, I try to stay out of the limelight. I can enjoy the spotlight with my own clients. So, it was simply wonderful when I received an email from a sell...
I confess I am a huge fan of "to do" lists. I started writing morning to do lists 15 years ago when I started in Real Estate. While I don't do these daily anymore, I do create a to do list when I feel there is much upon my plate to get done in a day. Don't want to forget to do something.Buyers an...
Ok, I am having a bit of a time seeing it, or anything else for that matter, closer than about 6 feet. You see, I broke my glasses yesterday. I am wearing some readers today for close work, like typing on the computer. I can see fine beyond 6 feet without glasses. Social distancing should be easi...
I used to love to watch the old TV series, The Twilight Zone. The guy with the cool, deep voice would introduce the show each week and I would be all ears. They had the weirdest ideas for episodes. I think I lived through one today.Although I don't remember hearing Rod Serling voicing my episode ...
My daughter closed on her first home this past Friday morning. She was excited to get back over to her new home and start working on cleaning, painting and other work the home needed. She was walking around the house from the back and came upon a woman in the front yard, digging up several rose b...
When a Buyer looks for a mortgage specialist to help finance their new home purchase, they really seem to look to their home bank or shop for advertised rates. This could be a huge mistake. As a Real Estate professional I have had the pleasure to work with many great loan officers, and a few not ...
We had the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels fly over Atlanta this weekend. It was truly a sight to see. 2 tight formations of 6 planes each and a chase plane following zoomed around the metro area Saturday early afternoon. Thousands of people stopped their cars in the road to gawk at the high fliers ...
I can be at the gas station filling my tank, walking down the street, or talking to a friend on the phone and many times I hear the same question asked, How's the Real Estate Market? I usually give a fairly concise answer that it is good, bad or in the middle. But I usually don't have exact numbe...
I was speaking to an agent in my office about a new listing she is getting ready for market. It is a higher end executive home that has been rented to tenants for several years. Unfortunately, there are plenty of things in and around the home that need to be repaired and/or done to make this home...

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