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Yesterday I showed a home to some clients and this is what we encountered. This picture is of the master bath. It was so cluttered we could only peek in from the doorway. Unfortunately, the rest of the house was much the same. This home has been on the market for 5 days.In my professional opinion...
This is almost the very first thing a new home buyer gets asked by their agent when starting on the journey to a new home. Some buyers get defensive about this, but this process will need to be done to ensure that the homes we are looking at are within the financial reach of our client.Yesterday,...
My daughter recently purchased her first home. We had an inspection of the home and negotiated some issues. I like my home inspector. He is thorough and gets the job done. Then the lender sent in their appraiser. This is when things started going slightly sideways. The appraiser apparently decide...
Lots of people have found that the software, Zoom, allows them to communicate to family and friends, yet still stay a safe distance away during these Covid days. Zoomers can host lots of friends or business acquaintances all at one time. It's like throwing a big party where no one has to breathe ...
I was pondering this morning about what to write so I looked up local interest on the interwebs. The usual parks and shops showed up, but so did stories about interest rates. So my mind went back to the early 80's when I was purchasing my first home. A quaint 1200 square foot Cape Cod located in ...
I read this morning that inventory of homes targeted to first time home buyers has dropped by 25%. This usually means homes below $250,000 in this area. The article also stated that new home builders are offering discounts on price, upgrades, or paying closing costs in order to move their homes. ...
Well, in fact, despite the title of this post, I do personally own several hammers. Some very old from my father and grandfather, and some a bit newer from Home Depot. I don't really use them often, but when you need a hammer, there they are, just waiting for me.Recently the need arose for said t...
Blinking, strobing, colorful lights. Not out on the street or in some club somewhere. No, I like the colorful lights on electronic equipment. You know the ones. When you turn on the power to your TV you are greeted by a red or blue light, beckoning you in to the electronic bliss it offers.I was l...
To those who don't even look up at these inspiring aerial events, I say too bad. I also say to those pilots who fly to keep our country safe, come fly over my house anytime. You will always be welcomed by me sitting in a lawn chair in the front yard and waving! 
Yesterday I wrote about a Turkey. Today, a chicken. Don't get me wrong, I am not in a "Fowl" mood, just like talking about quirky things in the area. So, what's up with a big chicken? Not a big chicken, but THE big chicken.In a neighboring town, Marietta, Ga. there exists a landmark known by all....

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