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Like most other Multiple Listing Services in the country, there are rules put forth that we agents and members of the system have to follow. One of the common ones is that the pictures can't show the listing agents sign age or information. This is because listings are shared on agent websites and...
Some surprises are nice. Spur of the moment flowers. A beautiful sunset. A new puppy. Others not so much. New home builders are using a new tactic in their fight against rising costs that are catching buyers by surprise.I have clients who contracted with a builder back in February for a new home ...
Born on NC to mid-western parents, i think my reactions are somewhere between fast and slow. When I moved to New York after college, I found that I spoke faster, ate faster, just lived faster. I remember talking to the corporate office in NC and wondering why it took them so long to form a senten...
As if this real estate market is not crazy enough, I just spoke to an agent about a unique situation developing. This listing agent just had an offer terminated on their listing by a buyer who is making multiple offers on several different homes at the same time. This strategy has recently come a...
The Real estate market has been in hyper-drive now for the better part of a year. It has been driven by a scarcity of homes for sale on the market. Even before the pandemic we were faced with a shortage of homes to sell. The market responded by bidding up the prices of existing homes.At one point...
Why is it that when you decide to write a blog nothing comes to mind, but when you are too busy to write multiple ideas flood in? Why is it that when you finally decide to give up on a listing, it receives multiple offers? Why is it that when you finally leave the house for that long overdue vaca...
Well, your house is under contract. Took all of a day and you accepted an offer $25,000 above your asking price. Pretty sweet, right? Also negotiated short due diligence times and did not have to give up anything. This surely must be heaven. What could go wrong?If the buyer is getting a loan to p...
There are simple fixes around the home that can make a big difference when getting ready to sell. For instance, my next door neighbor just replaced her mailbox and so did I. They were starting to look old and beat up so we changed out the boxes and repainted the metal support pieces and repainted...
Wow, now that tax time is here, I am so happy to have a great CPA. The number of questions I had for this tax season went on and on, and the CPA patiently answered them all. I was looking at having to pay some taxes this year over and above what I sent to Uncle Sam last year during the year until...
Of the zillions of real estate agents in the marketplace today, some really do stand out. Recently an agent called me about a home I have for sale. He explained he had fallen while showing the home and was considering suing the home owner. He went on to complain about the list price and several o...

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