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The picture above is one of my favorites. It was taken at my brother-in-laws home while I was holding newborn chick. It always reminds me of the phrase, you are in good hands. It could also say something about being chicken. Both of these ideas were with me yesterday as I underwent some dental su...
I was just thinking of a past movie title, It's a mad, mad, mad world! While the movie was funny, the current real estate market is not. I have never seen so many obstacles in the way of someone buying a home.Low housing inventory levels have been with us for a while now. Well before the pandemic...
Wow. Taking on this months challenge has been a...challenge. Reliving the past is hard. So, in this post I will talk about my professional life and how I ended up where I am today.So, as a senior in high school, I knew I was going to be an engineer. Probably a mechanical engineer. I loved to take...
I guess everyone does have an individual story that is important to who we are today. We are the sum of all our experiences.Mine began in Greensboro NC where I was born, in a snowstorm. I think it snowed more back then. Greensboro was a nice place to grow up. Maybe it was the times, but I spent m...
I was looking at this mailer from 2017 and noticed that I mentioned rates going up. Well, we are back to that again. After enjoying historically low rates for the past years, they look to be on the rise again.Rates are still low, but everytime they tick up, mortgages get just a bit more expensive...
Another example of a mailer program I used in 2017. It essentially says that you should use a calm and cool agent to help with your real estate needs. Why, you might ask? Real Estate Agents are typically the calm between seller and buyer. We try to take the stress out of the process by taking som...
I ran across some mailers I did back in 2017 and decided that the messages on them were still strong, so I thought I would recycle these in the social media.The card show above references home owners who have out-grown their home. I found these images and paid to license them for a series of mail...
I had mentioned this earlier in a comment left on another blog, but I have recently moved to using an iMac at work and away from my Windows laptop that I have carried back and forth from home to office for years. My wife, a lifelong Windows user said to me that I have moved to the dark side.I did...
Blind offers are very common in the Atlanta market these days. These offers come from investors or from investment companies and are called blind because they offer to buy without seeing the home first. They plan is to own the home for rental.Several years ago these type offers presented special ...
I know this challenge is about our area where we live, but I spent many years growing up not far from the Atlanta area in North Carolina. I still consider this state my home even though I have not lived there in years. This past week my wife and I spent two days roaming on the Blue Ridge Parkway,...

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