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I have a listing going live in a week or so that I started talking to back in May of this year. Since our first meeting, the Sellers have been trying to close on a new build home that for many reasons kept getting delayed. Had it closed on time, we would have been able to list their other home ri...
This time of year in Real Estate tends to be a bit slower than in the Spring for sales. However, we have sold homes in every calendar month. In fact, about 60% of our home sales have been in the last 6 months of the year.So, are there negatives about placing our home on the market this late in th...
The trees at right are redwoods in the Muir Woods Park just north of San Francisco. For some reason, I think this picture evokes peace and tranquility. I remember the day I took this picture. It was cool and quiet. There were quite a few people in the park, but it did not seem crowded at all.For ...
I posted yesterday about a great museum in Kennesaw devoted to the Civil War and the part trains played. However, that is not everything the town has to offer.Just a few miles outside of the Kennesaw Town limits is a jewel of a park. The Smith-Gilbert Botanical Gardens. Read more here. I must adm...
The city of Kennesaw, located NW of Atlanta was the site of a famous Civil War story. In essence, a small band of Union soldiers infiltrated from Tennesee to Kennesaw in order to steal a locomotive. They would race back north to Chattanooga, burning railroad bridges as they went. This would stall...
There is never a dull moment in the are unless you specifically want one! Marietta Ga. is home to a very large Lockheed plant. Right next to one of the main gates in the Marietta Museum Air Wing, an outdoor parking lot (15 acres) of really cool planes!For $5 per person, my wife and I went on a gu...
I read something interesting yesterday. It said that 90% of all millionaires got there by investing in real estate. Wow! I started thinking about whether or not I believed that, and I think I do. When I look back at the few investments I have ever made that turned out well, they were all real est...
Luckily, in Real Estate transactions, the vast majority of closings go off without a hitch. There could be a document needed at the last minute, or something pops up that needs attending to, but all-in-all most closings are happy ones.Then there are the ones we agents talk about over and over aga...
Over dinner this past weekend, I listened to the story of a buyer who was told that they could save 1/2 the commission fees by not using an agent in their transaction. Who told him this? The listing agent. When I asked if this was put into the contract, the answer was no. They just "Assumed" this...
There area few trades around where you will see a person's name on their shirt or a badge with their name on it. It is, however, still fairly rare to see. I am an agent that wears a name tag everywhere I go during the work week. I once had a very successful agent deride me for wearing my name tag...

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