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This week has been a wild one for the people of Atlanta. Many spent hours in their cars Tuesday and Wednesday, often running out of gas and being forced to hit the road miles from home. It was during this time that the people of Atlanta really shined! Many of the CVS stores, Publix and Kroger Sto...
I am going to wait. This short phrase can cause all sorts of problems. Like, I am going to wait to go to the dentist. I am going to wait to see if it really does snow. I am going to wait to list my home for when the market is better. Let's focus on this last phrase. Many a real estate agent will ...
OMG! The Atlanta area received 2-3 inches of snow yesterday. The city is crippled. I have lived in the New York area, received an 18 inch snowfall, and gone to work the next day never skipping a beat. What is the difference you ask? Many will tell you it is the inexperienced drivers in the south....
Here in the sunny south we do occasionally get snow in the winter. It usually is less than an inch and is gone in a day or two. Today we had snow. It snowed about 3 inches over 6 hours today and looks like it is just about done. So am I. The problem with snow in the south is that we have very lit...
Movie speak. I really love it! When they say sharps coming through, it means move or get jabbed. Need a gobo? Its a device used to control the amount of light on the set. Action? Well, we all know that means get to acting. These are all great things I love to hear on set. I am heading in to the s...
Over the years I have done open houses and then didn't do open houses. I sort of blew with the wind on this. Sometimes I would have folks show up at the event, and many times I had no one, nada, zilch. These were the times that made me want to scrap Open Houses altogether. I may have been a bit h...
I had an enjoyable day today. I shot video of a $1.1 million home. It was situated right on a lake front and was beautiful. But you know what? That really was not the best part. I was blown away at the end when we asked the owner what he loved about his home. I recorded 40 minutes of video withou...
Well, mine is fine thank you for asking! Do you know what a Chimney Chase is? If you have a fireplace that has a chimney that rises from the side of your home as opposed to rising straight from the roof, the Chase is the area that incloses the chimney. Here in the south, they are everywhere. They...
Seller's mistakes. This is a pretty large territory to cover. There are just so many things that a seller can do, or not do, that can cost them money or the sale of their home. The one I see most often can be fixed with a good coat of paint. I have time and again gone to homes and found the lovel...
Ugh. One of the problems with wintertime is that we lose the sun early in the day. In the summer I can show homes until 9pm and still have some sunlight. In the winter we lose the sun before 6. I showed two homes last night between 7 and 8. You could not see a thing outside the homes. I brought a...

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