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I think everyone can take good photos of a listing that the Seller will be happy with. All it takes is a little practice and a little patience to get a good photo. What does it take to get a great photo? Years of experience and gobs of talent! There is a neat little space in between these two lev...
I woke up this morning to a surprise. The house downstairs was 63 degrees and the furnace was not working! Now, my HVAC system is original to the house. It is almost 20 years old, but I keep making it work through chewing gum and bailing wire. I do have a home warranty in place and will be callin...
  Rope Mill road and park is named after a cotton mill built in the 1800's along the Little River. It was run by water power and they made cotton rope. I visited the ruins of this mill this past weekend and was amazed at how small the foot print of the actual building was. Textile production had...
Blanket's Creek is located on the West side of I-575 at Sixes Road. These trails are known as terrific biking trails which reach up into the difficult range. Tomorrow early afternoon I will be out on these trails but I will not be biking! They are also for walking! I will be there with my wife an...
There is an old saying that begins, "In for a penny, In for a Pound." What this means is" Having started something, one must see it through to its end, rather than stopping short.", says Wikipedia. This can be applied to all sorts of things in life. I am thinking of two very disparate things this...
Names of sounds intrigue me. Thud is a good one. Of course there is the always popular splat, pop, bam, and clink. But for now I want to focus on thud. There are many things that produce the sound of thud. None of them come to mind as being particularly good. This idea was reinforced last night a...
  I have lived in the area for 20 years now and never knew until some friends who live in the next town over told me of a great set of trails, just a couple of miles away from where I live! The name of the are is Rope Mill Park, just off of exit 9, I-575, in Woodstock. I walked on one set of tra...
I have been told many times how wonderful the DotLoop esignature platform is. Agents who are trained in its use work miracles with it. The back office love it because it turns the whole process into a paperless affair. This is the platform I have been learning to use now for 6 weeks. No, not a co...
Rain. We have had a bunch of it lately and there is more to come this week. We really need it and we are thankful that the lakes are being filled up again. Do you know what else it is good for? Home inspections. That's right. After a good rain inspectors can see leaks in the roof and in the basem...
Oh my gosh...You would think I was in an audition for a huge drama! I have a new listing that is in a great sweet spot price wise and is attracting a bunch of attention quickly. What I am finding distasteful are the methods some agents have started using on me. They are oh so transparent! I have ...

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