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After watching the news this morning and seeing pictures of NYC inundated by water, I counted my blessings that the biggest inconvenience I have had so far today is I ran out of sugar for my coffee. All I had to do was drive across the street to Kroger and buy some. It took all of 5 minutes. The ...
Like most of you I have been watching the weather channel all weekend, keeping myself updated on Hurricane Sandy. I am hundreds of miles from the storm, but as I went to bed last night, I could hear the trees outside brushing against the house in the stiff breeze. It always astounds me when I hea...
Appraisers have a tough job these days. They are called in by the Buyers lender to access whether or not the Buyer and Seller have made a fair deal. Gone are the days when the market price was dictated solely upon Buyer and Seller agreements. Nowadays there are several more people who have to dec...
October 5, 1864, there was an intense battle for the possesion of a strategic rail line north of Atlanta, Georgia. This particular rail line "cut" through 180 feet of rock for a length of 360 feet. Federal troops controlled fortifications on either side of this rail line. On October 5, 1864, Sou...
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a landlord in Georgia? Easy right? You just rent your home and sit back and collect rents for the rest of your life! There is really nothing special about it is there? Why, I can even manage what little that needs to be done from my kitchen table...
I think here in the great US of A we all mostly believe in free speech. I know I do. But there are times when free speech can get you into trouble, or worse, lose you business. How so, you might ask? Well, I find that when dealing with the public, many times the less you say the better. I am cert...
Every 4 years Realtors are required to spend 3 hours in a Code of Ethics class. You see, one of the things that makes a Real Estate agent a Realtor, is that they pledge to conduct their business according to a code of ethical behavior. In order to stay up to date on the code, all Realtors must go...
Have you ever seen the credit card commercial where the announcer tallies up several items and in the end he declares everything to be priceless? I know now exactly what they were talking about. Both my kids were around the house this weekend and the tally just kept going cha-ching! First was the...
Have you ever run across an agent that is in over their head on something? No, I don't mean us, I mean someone who is working a deal where they really should not be? I have this happening now. I have a buyer of a short sale property where I believe the listing agent is in over her head. Here is w...
  I was just sitting here wondering if I should go ahead and post tomorrow's blog now because I will be on the road tomorrow to my high school reunion in NC most of the day. If I went ahead and posted now, I would not have to worry tomorrow that I was not playing in the Rain during the day. What...

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