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Divorce Dust: It Doesn't Just Apply to Renovations...Mike Holmes, Canadian Contractor and HGTV personality, often describes reno's gone wrong and the stress that comes with it "divorce Dust". (Photo courtesy Mike Holmes & Face book) Couples going through this strain will often argue constantly so...
Flufftastic Hints! Fold a Fitted Sheet So it's as Small as Your PillowFew people like doing laundry. And No One likes folding fitted sheets! They always look like a disaster no matter how neatly you try to fold them.Here's a relatively simple way to fold a fitted sheet so you can stack them, & th...
WOOOOT! Fluff My House! on Page 89 in Canadian Home Trends Magazine!Fluff My House! Home Staging Inc. has been featured as a part of the Canadian RESA Chapter in Canadian Home Trends Magazine!I'm on page 89 and share the space with the Lovely and Talented Sally Weatherley! So excited! Canadian St...
$500 Discount Gets Fluff My House! Home Staging Inc. in Two Cities!While at a Chamber of Commerce Networking event last month Fluff My House! Home Staging won a $500 discount from the Coffee News! It's a one page paper printed on 2 sides that is in many of the coffee shops and eating establishmen...
Holy-Chaos-Batman! Edmonton Home Staging Stays Home! So life can get crazy, yes?How much of it do we bring on ourselves? Our neighbourhood has been going to get refurbished with new fancy street lights and sidewalks as well as our street paved, which it has needed badly for sometime. No parking n...
Home Stagers; the Auto Detailers of Real Estate?People sell their cars, or trade them in all the time for something better. They always want to get as much as possible for their old car, because that number will always be in direct correlation to what kind of new car they are going to purchase.Mo...
John is absolutely right! People comparing 3 identical floor plans will pick the one that is Staged every time! Thanx John for showing the difference that Staging can make!Are your Preparing Your Home For Sale? Think Builders Model Home.   Have you visited a Builders Model Home recently? If not m...
When Does a Query Become an Annoyance? Home Staging in Edmonton.I have been, throughout my Staging career, perusing MLS to see if there are listings that could benefit from Professional Staging in the Edmonton area. Depending on your perspective, unfortunately or fortunately I have found there ar...
Fluff My House! Has Balls!Decorator balls can add a splash of colour or texture to any room. Fluff My House! Home Staging and Flufftastic Furniture Rentals has an assortment of interesting decorative balls to make a statement in your vacant property! If you are in the Edmonton area and are in nee...
A Magic Carpet Ride! Fluff My House Can Take You!The Flufftastic Fairy from Fluff My House! Home Staging has been busy!She has brought some fantastic carpets to Edmonton that will add magic to your vacant home that will sell it swiftly. No Matter what your vacant home's decor, the Flufftastic Fai...

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