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Buying Revenue Properties; Not as Easy as You'd Think...Along with my Staging biz: Fluff My House! Home Staging Inc., I have (with my hubby Dave) decided to start a rental property biz; Rent Property Edmonton. We have been searching since before Xmas for one or two income suites/homes that we can...
Lighting: Go For the Usual or Not? Habitat For Humanity: Cool Stuff!I was at Habitat For Humanity's ReStore today. (Well, I went to both of them, we have 2 in Edmonton) Once a Stager always a Stager, & once a Bargoon Hunter Always a Bargoon Hunter...  But now with Rent Property Edmonton, there wi...
Property Shopping for Rent Property Edmonton!During the winter months when Home Staging is slow here in Edmonton, my newest venture is to buy some investment properties for my husband & I to have more cash flow. Thus has been born. (don't bother looking it up, we just got the d...
Get Money back For Xmas Shopping!?! Are You Kidding Me?My friends & family know me as a Bargoon Hunter. I never pay full price for anything. They are always saying, "Oh I like that where'd you get it?" I always tell them & I am always saying I got it on sale !Yesterday I signed up for the Fortune...
Merry X-Mas From Edmonton! The Grinch Says Hi Too!Ahhh, My favourite time of the Year! The Most Wonderful Time of the Year; with Silent Nights, & Chestnuts Roasting, Dreaming of White Christmas's, while Letting it Snow! My friend the Grinch is back on our fence greeting passers by with his lovely...
Lest we Forget, A Moment of Silence is the Least We Can Do.I'm taking a seminar this weekend. I was a bit disturbed when I saw that we would be going all day Sunday, November 11, as well.But, I have it covered, I set my iPhone alarm for 10:55 so I can call for a moment of silence. It's the least ...
Hot Off the Floor! Foniks Monkee is Burnin' Down the House!The Foniks Monkee Band have been recording for the last couple weeks so we can have a demo disc of our sound, because we'd like to play a New Years Eve gig.   It's always good to be able to let people know they are buying a band that can ...
PBJ Art @ Expressionz Cafe in Edmonton! Fluff My House! Home Staging!'s PBJ Art has done a second installation at Expressionz Cafe in South Edmonton. Located at 9938 70 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB They are open from 9 am - 5pm & you can reach them @ (780) 437-3667. They have a calendar for Upco...
Have You Calculated What it Costs to NOT Stage Your Home For Sale?Many home owners balk at the thought of spending money on a home they are selling.They want to make money on it so they can have a better new home.Savvy Sellers know; to make money sometimes you have to spend a little & Staging a h...
Home Staging is Like Music! Leaving Room to Breathe...Recently, in an article in Canadian Home Trends Magazine, I was quoted as saying: "Picking items for a stage is always like Christmas. I’ll forget I had something or remember how much I liked an item and can’t wait to use it. Often I pack too ...

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