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A Game Changing Phone Call! I was driving around last week looking for For Sale signs so I could put my brochures in the mailboxes. (you never know...) I found a new house, vacant, with a builders sign in front.I thought what the hey, and called the number. The conversation went something like th...
Dealing With Builders - Opposite Ends of the Scale! Last week after a meeting with a Realtor, I drove around the neighbourhood where I had done some staging a few months ago. I had my sparkly new Fluff My House! brochures and was placing them in For Sale Houses ' mailboxes. I came across a vacant...
Thinking Outside the Box in Edmonton! If You Can't Find What You Want, Make It Yourself: Session 5! I've been trying to find some abstract art that I like and that I can afford. Not so easy, most of it is very expensive, not the right size and the colours aren't what I want. So I decided to try a...
Hiking the Cape Split Trail. When is it a Good Time to Call it a Day? While on our holidays Dave and I found a hiking trail to see part of the Bay of Fundy, the location of the worlds highest tides. We got to the Cape Split trail head and it warned it would take 5 hours there and back, not quite ...
Bay of Fundy Back Roads - I Thought I Was on Canadian Pickers! While driving through Nova Scotia back to Prince Edward Island to catch our flight home Friday, we stumbled upon this place that would have Sheldon and Scott from Canadian Pickers salivating! Dave said, 'Let's stop!" and pulled in. We...
  Where to Stay in PEI - Chelsy By the Sea! We had a lovely time in Prince Edward Island. Contributing to that was our home away from home Chelsy by the Sea, in Stanhope. Dave, my husband who booked our vacation (very last minute) found us this gem on the North shore of PEI, nestled among the tre...
On the Path at Green Gables. Lucy Maud Montgomery Loved Nature. When we were at Green Gables in PEI the other day we walked the path that LMM often walked when she lived in the area.   She loved the woods and the wind sighing through the trees. The path that visitors can walk have signs with quot...
PEI's New Glasgow Lobster Suppers! Not to Be Missed! When we told people we were going to PEI they all said we had to try the lobster! Okay. And the place to go, recommended by several is New Glasgow. You can't miss it there are signs everywhere, even on the back of the building facing the river!...
Woo Hoo! I Sold My First Painting!I have been painting canvi (that's a technical term...) to use in my Home Staging because I wanted certain colours that I like.My mentor, Kathie; an artist herself and art teacher, has a little studio in Devon where I have been painting. Although she has not been...
Good Golly the Greenhouse is Going Great! Last year, in December, it was fairly mild and we hired our neighbour to help me build our out of the box shed package. It was out of the box because I widened the shed (the original plan ended where the right door fram is) and added a greenhouse on the e...

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