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Being a bit behind the times, I decided I should be more proactive about my social media efforts.  Knowing how horrible about it I am, I decided to go with Outbound Engine to help me.  All they do is provide the link to the various review sites in a letter that I send to my clients through their ...
Reasons to sell your home are widespread, from a job transfer to downsizing, upsizing to getting closer to family.  Whatever the reason, the common thread is being overwhelmed with the prospect of preparing your home.  There are steps you can take to ease some of the anxiety and stress and really...
I truly believe that I am in the noble profession of being a Realtor.  I know there will be naysayers and people that scoff at that comment.  As with any profession, there are those that make us proud that we chose the profession we did and others that shame us.  That does not make my comment any...
Back in the "day", we would chat and talk without much concern about how it was being interpreted or who was listening.  After all, if we needed to be private, we would step aside or meet privately.  A person could listen to how something was said to know what was meant.Enter the internet and tec...
There I was, happily gliding down Highway 95 with not a car in sight for miles in either direction.  I had my mind on that cute puppy that I was on my way to pick up in Baker City, Oregon.  Who would ever think that a highway patrolman would take the time to go down that desolate road to find a s...
I am hoping you can help me with a new website.  We already have the server, so I am not looking for a company to do it.  What I would like to know is the preference of photos.  Most real estate websites have photos of houses.  However, I find the photos of people to be more dynamic.  I would lov...
A great friend and superb appraiser wrote the following great information! Some advice for sellers in an aggressive marketBy Ryan Lundquist on Feb 07, 2017 07:38 am Dear Sellers,The market feels aggressive out there and you’re probably going to get multiple offers, but let’s have some real talk. ...
This is a time of year that is a true quandry for Realtors.  We have a plethora of clients that we want to remember and show our appreciation for their loyalty and business.  However, with that plethora comes a multitude of religious and non-religious approaches to lives.  How do we connect with ...
I just attended a meeting today in which PACE loans were discussed.  For some, these are a great option, but everyone should understand the program in it's entirety and the repercussions of using such a loan.  Many of the very people who promote these loans have not been trained to give the entir...
 Isn't it amazing how much a little three digit number can affect our daily lives?  Credit scores can influence not only our ability to purchase a home or car, but can affect the quality of our credit cards and our ability to get a job.  Here are some interesting facts about credit scores: Does v...

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