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Do you know that you are worthy of self-care? Many of us run ourselves ragged until the inevitable happens–"dis-ease"! We are given this one body and this one life. Therefore, how we care for this incredible machine is paramount.Are you putting more care into the maintenance of your home, your ca...
Episode two is here! All of life is about balance. Take a look around at nature and even in your own body! Your temperature, hormones, blood pressure, and many more are constantly striving for balance. In your own life, you too need to seek and maintain a balance in all areas of your life.When yo...
This is my first Podcast, LIV2DAY. Subscribe and join me weekly for topics that will renew, refresh, and rejuvenate your soul. LIV2DAY embodies the mind, body, and spirit so you can live a vibrant and healthy life!Life is short and living each day to its fullest is paramount. How are you doing to...
Amid this challenging year of 2020, we have all experienced things we never, ever expected. But, isn't that life? None of us can really know what tomorrow holds, can we?As believer's however, we can hold onto the promises from God's Word. Throughout Scripture, we read of the many miracles that we...
         Thanksgiving 2020 ~ Still Thankful!   Although 2020 has been deemed by many as a do-over, there have been many excellent lessons:   1. Learning to be still and to focus on what is truly important. 2. Adapting to doing things in a new way. 3. More time with family. 4. Additional time to ...
Hood County, TX ~ Commercial Real Estate Commercial real estate in Hood County, Texas is alive and well. Properties that were stagnant at the beginning of 20202, are now moving into pending status quickly. With Hood County as the #9 fastest growing county in the US, businesses are seeking to relo...
I would love to share this Podcast with you all! This interview shares my personal story of overcoming significant health challenges along with the creation of this book. Listen in for some inspiration, health and wellness information along with some laughs. Thank you, friends. I hope you enjoy t...
Does Your Home Pass the Smell Test? Sellers, the way your home smells matters! As an agent who has entered thousands of homes, scent is an immediate and lasting impression. Therefore, evaluating how your home odors affect others is paramount when listing your property on the market. It is importa...
Fall Harvest ~ Listing ExtravaganzaHey Y'all! It's finally Fall and here in Granbury, Texas, we need listings like crazy! Our available months of inventory is approaching below 2 months! Yikes! That means we are on the hunt for Sellers. Fall is a great time to list your home as many families want...
Yesterday, I did what I call a "pop-up staging" for a new listing. What this entails is having the Seller remove as much of their own decorative knick-knacks and allow me to bring a carload of strategically chosen staging items. The reason for this is to ensure the best possible photographs for t...

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