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Granbury, Texas is on a roll as it has been awarded and recognized once again. Most recently, Granbury was named one of the top six most charming cities in Texas. Now those of you who have traveled through Texas know we have a very BIG state! Being named as one of the top 6 does not surprise thos...
Have you noticed our Active Rain's updated and new look? I am really enjoying this new, sleek look. The white space, the font, and the formatting of our posts do create a very nice look.Did you know there are many features on the AR Homepage that are great resources for you? Everything from the F...
The Pineal gland you say???? What is the world is Dr. Paula talking about. Trust me, you need to know about this tiny yet very important part of your brain.Did you know this power-packed gland is responsible for mood and sleep? Are you also aware this gland can become calcified and ineffective? H...
Regardless of your personal political leanings, this quick podcast addresses the fact that we all have experienced an epic last 12 months. For many, their stress level is and has been at an all-time high. No doubt, many people are at their breaking point.In this podcast, I discuss the importance ...
                                      Beam & Branch Realty is proud to know and claim this amazing young woman as a new agent. We are super selective as we seek individuals who not only have a heart for their business but also have a heart for people. Andrea fits this to a T!Andrea and her husban...
Granbury, Texas has been voted by US Today as the Best Historic Small town for two years in a row! Yep, we are mighty proud of our great little town as we know it is THE place to be. Located just 35 miles from Fort Worth, Texas, this little gem offers something for everyone.Our housing market is ...
                               A native of West Texas, Scott and his wife came to Granbury as quickly as they could. He says, "It’s not hard to fall in love with the history, beauty, and down-home feel that Granbury offers."  Once he landed in our little town, he began his real estate career.  Sc...
You may have noticed the banner on some of our wonderful Active Rain members that say they are ambassadors. Maybe you have been here a while or you are brand new but have yet to fully understand what an Ambassador with Active Rain means. It's a great question.To put this into the words of our pla...
Tomorrow is the first Monday of 2021. For many, Mondays are a dreaded day. Why is this? Monday represents a new beginning of a workweek and offers those of us who are self-employed, a new opportunity?How you determine to enter your Monday is completely up to you. You can either choose to see this...
Now more than ever, having a strong immune system is paramount! There are some steps you can take today to boost your all-important protection system! Take some time to listen to this important podcast on a topic we all need to hear.Did you know that your immune system is one of the most powerful...

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