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Home value code of conduct!!! We all know that this new system is not only hurting our business, but the consumer's are really paying the price. Please follow the link if you have not done this to sign the petition.        Share with as many people in our business that yo...
New product!!!!  Program Guidelines: 1. Acreage from 5-160 acres, up to 85% LTV with no mortgage insurance, up to 75% LTV for bare land, maximum debt to income ratio 45%, Credit score needs to be 700 or higher 2. Purchase and refinances for properties that do not qualify for traditional mortgages...
Mother's Day is celebrated in the United States as well as Canada and many other countries around the world. However, the reason Mother's Day is even celebrated at all is because of a woman in Michigan who decided the second Sunday in May would be a great day to celebrate mothers after a bit of a...
The main key points for why use Washington Financial is; 1. Turn Times     A. Under 72 hours for a full loan approval     B. Credit and income approvals without an appraisal 2.  The new Appraisal regulation      A. I am allowed to use whatever appraiser I choose, that is a big deal in today's mar...
Washington Financial is a fully staffed Mortgage Brokerage. To add to this we also have our bank-lines. With the bank-lines, conventional, FHA, and VA our files are underwritten in house. This gives us the advantage in the market place as far as our turn times. Currently we are 24-48 hours in und...
I have written about Reverse Mortgages in the past, a refresher is always a welcome read. At last evenings workshop on Short Sales an elderly woman was sitting a few seats away from me. Not knowing her situation I managed to pass one of my business cards to her. She appeared lost and needing help...
FHA remains the hottest product in our market. With the high loan to values on purchases and refinances the mortgage insurance company's, commonly known as PMI are not approving many conventional loans with a 5% down-payment. That is when FHA comes in and is continuing to be the winner. I have a ...
 AS of today I now can offer stated income loans. It was just released this morning. We can do loans up to $750,000, stated income. The Maximum loan to value will be 80%. Purchase or refinance. Rates are showing as low as 4.875 30 year fixed. This is the first positive change I have seen in long ...
  HECM for Purchase Frequently Asked Questions  What is HECM for Purchase? HECM for Purchase allows seniors, age 62 or older, to purchase a new principal residence using loan proceeds from the reverse mortgage.  What is the purpose of the program? The program was designed to allow seniors to purc...
Effective Jan. 1, 2009 Not only can a Senior, age 62 or older, do a reverse mortgage on their own home, they now have the option to purchase a home using a reverse mortgage. This is a great product to help seniors that want to stay in a home, but cannot manipulate stairs , current home is to larg...

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