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Ever since the beginning of recorded history we hear stories based on the INCORRECT dualistic belief of Good and Evil...Many of these stories would lead you to believe that there exist two great motivators...GOOD AND EVIL...and more often than not they are given equal time and equal effect...BUT....
For more years than I care to count now I have witnessed my Country slowly drifting away from the Country I knew as a kid and as an adult trying to establish a wholesome family legacy...After all, that is what the good nuns of the IHM taught us, that is what our faith led us to believe, and that ...
In 1976 we lost our 5 year old son, Jeff...!!! Jeff died suddenly of natural causes...and my life was changed forever...!!!Jeff was a beautiful blond headed child...we celebrated his 5th birthday just 12 days before his death...A day does not go by that I don’t think of him...He was my oldest son...
Knowledge ‘puffs up’, but love ‘builds up’...!!! 1 Cor. 8:1 RSVIt seems a popular ‘MO’ of many of this generation to think that they don’t have to build upon the invention of the wheel...that somehow, they can redefine and/or explain most anything by themselves, on their own...without regard or r...
No, I haven’t given up on my fight to get THE TRUTH out...It’s merely time for THE GASPARI BOYS annual spiritual retreat this weekend...!!!This year, much as in previous years, the retreat is not coming too soon...!!!I don’t see how any God loving creature can go through a whole year without some...