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  Earlier this week Fox News Show host and outspoken conservative, Sean Hannity, made an analogy to explain the divisive nature that was displayed in our recent election...We are a country split right down the middle...we are like two permissive, the other disciplinarian...After ref...
While more than half of our world, (read Americans), will join the hustle and bustle of THE BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING FRENZY, the more peaceful among us will be enjoying the beautiful and wonderful things that GOD HAS WROUGHT apart from that MATERIAL WORLD OF MADONNA...!!!And while the spirit of Than...
Napoleon had his Waterloo, Richard Nixon had his Watergate, and President Obama has his BENGHAZI...!!!In the middle of the latest Congressional hearings of the Benghazi Tragedy where four American Patriots were slaughtered while some stood by refusing to send support or backup, an Israel complete...
It was our just turned 18 year old son JOSH’s first election...!!!Of course, rather than share my disappointment with the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election in a typical liberal reactionary type way, I decided to take some time and present my personal observations in a more peaceful reflec...
Next Tuesday, election day, America will have the opportunity to set our nation on a new course...!!!When the going gets tough, the tough get going...!!!My HOPE is that Wednesday morning will dawn with a resounding ROMNEY/RYAN landslide victory...!!!There are many opportunities in life that pass ...

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