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It was President Harry Truman who kept a plaque on his desk in the oval office stating ‘THE BUCK STOPS HERE’...!!!That was then, this is now...President Obama has shielded himself from ‘THE BUCK’ by appointing CZARS for every aspect of executive responsibility that falls under the aegis of the WH...
FRAGMENTS FROM FRAN...Fran’s Friday Forum...!!!I really wanted to title this post FRAGMENTS FROM GOD...It is truly HE who deserves the credit...!!!Over the past week several important themes have developed that I should like to share with you...!!! ***FIRST*** One of my favorite scripture passage...
After watching the embarrassing performance that Vice President Biden turned in last night in the Vice Presidential debate, I can see why many citizens distrust politicians...!!!Listening to several post debate analyses, I heard words like crude, rude, insincere, abrasive, abusive, disrespectful,...
Are you, like me, tired of the lies, misrepresentations, and finger pointing that have become a part of the political scene in America, indeed, perhaps even in the world of politics...!!!Jesus, in Matthew, reminds us to say ‘YES’ when we mean YES and ‘NO’ when we mean NO...anything more comes fro...