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I had intended to write a serious election related post, but I am more comfortable writing from my current experiences, and how they relate to present situations...SO...Earlier this week, after a Monday afternoon intense high school football practice, I found it necessary to accompany my youngest...
With the total dissolution and evaporation of more than 7 trillion dollars in wealth, the Obama administration is close to achieving its goal to redistribute wealth among the poor...!!!The problem is that there is much less wealth left to redistribute...BUT...What the socialist foxes in the HenWh...
Four years ago then U.S. Senator Barack Obama campaigned for President under the mantle and mantra of HOPE AND CHANGE...!!!He was overwhelmingly elected in 2008, and his message has proven to be APOCALYPTIC...!!!Yes, what we needed then and what we still need now is HOPE AND CHANGE...!!!  Unfortu...
Before anyone reads this post let me confess that much of what you will read is anecdotal on my part inasmuch as a fair number of speakers at BOTH REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS put me to sleep...!!!I do have some interesting observations based on what I DID SEE AND HEAR...I will share the...

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