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I guess you can call me a purist, but the only coverage of the REPUBLICAN CONVENTION in Tampa that satisfied my needs was C-SPAN...What I was searching for during the convention was any wisdom which came from the plethora  of speakers offered at the gathering...I was not disappointed...neither in...
With two political conventions taking place in the next two weeks, our Country on the precipice of economic and social disaster, and the present campaign a symbol of everything a good moral person hates...WHERE IS GOD IN ALL THIS...???There are politicians, perhaps well meaning ones, who sincerel...
This post is for all my democrat friends who are looking for a graceful and face-saving way to vote for Mitt Romney...!!!First of all, I abhor all its ugly forms...!!! And since I have many black American friends that should be embarrassed by the 95% of Black Americans who voted for O...
That’s right...I’m telling you NOT to follow my advice...!!!We have a very important election coming this November...The outcome of which could change AMERICA as we know it or as our parents knew it...!!!Some polls I have read indicate that young people lean towards Obama and the elderly (of whic...
We in southeastern Pennsylvania have been fortunate enough to have evaded the deep droughts that many in our country have experienced this year...Having said that, we HAVE experienced some short periods of droughtlike conditions, punctuated by short periods of rain...just enough rain, in fact, to...