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My last few posts have been mainly POLITICAL in nature, and have focused on the imperative necessity of replacing our current President with one certainly more capable of leading us in the right direction...This weekend, which serves to open the unofficial beginning of summer, not only commemorat...
For three and a half years now we have been subjected to a President that has many ‘hidden agendas’...While we elect a President to represent ALL of our citizens, this President seems pleased to represent well fewer than 50% of our people...(even his most current budget having been rejected by 99...
Four times a year my kids come home with REPORT CARDS...And we usually go through the same mental gymnastics each time...You can do better in this must try must apply attention more...make sure your homework and project assignments are current...Don’t bla...
Even those among us who may choose to pooh pooh the Bible as a stale and outdated book are familiar with that oft quoted passage attributed to JESUS...!!!For those of us that believe that THE BIBLE is still the Word Of God, that passage has much deeper significance...especially in the UNITED STAT...