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K.I.S.S....KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID...!!!That little phrase has served me well over the years...And even now amidst the clamor and confusion being intentionally cast upon the upcoming election and the evident Republican candidate for President by the MSM (MainStream Media, for those still gullible c...
Not so much now, but when I was a kid growing up, there were two expressions often heard...’A CHIP off the old block’ and ‘A CHIP on the shoulder’...In a way, both were attempts at trying to describe a person’s DEMEANOR or ATTITUDE...Of course, the first, was descriptive of a person who emulated ...
Let me begin by asserting that for me...JESUS IS LORD...!!!It is the job description of every Christian to follow Jesus...Yes He is God, but the whole reason He became human was to give us an example of HOW TO LIVE...!!!When we say ‘God Is Love’...Jesus’ incarnation and life PROVED IT...!!!My Cat...
I was debating early this morning whether to post about GOD or President Obama...After all, the most important thing about today is that it is GOOD FRIDAY...!!!My decision was made quickly...GOD is way more RELIABLE, TRUSTWORTHY, TRUTHFUL, FAITHFUL, EDIFYING, & SAVING than our President has been ...