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It seems that every morning while my wife is preparing the kids school lunches as I listen to the early morning weather and news while gobbling down my Cheerios, reports of multiple murders, tire slashings, violent home break-ins, and hatchet attacks are filling the air waves as we welcome each n...
I’m getting tired of the media and milktoast members of society attributing every mistake of mankind as an excusable result of HUMAN NATURE...!!!These are the folks for which there are NO ABSOLUTES...Everything is relative, I’m OK you’re OK, The devil made me do it, everyone does it, yada, yada, ...
I was reflecting recently on my ancestors leaving their homeland in ITALY some 106 years ago...!!!Actually, my Grandfather, whom I never met (he died when my father was 10 years old), landed at Ellis Island on March 17, 1906...!!!How ironic, I thought, to have landed on the shores of a New Land o...
Don’t fall for the left’s consistent use of 'CLASS WARFARE' to divide us as a Nation...!!!The terms MIDDLE CLASS, WOMEN’S VOTE, CATHOLIC VOTE, INDEPENDENTS, EVANGELICALS, WALL STREET, MAIN STREET, etc...all methods intended to divide us as a Nation...!!!Let’s face it...OBAMACARE, the 3000 page as...
I recently did some research on the ‘Oath Of Office’ government employees are required to take, and found some interesting items:Item 1...Here is the OATH OF OFFICE required by our Constitution that every federal employee must take:  I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support an...