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I am an Italian American Catholic male...I  believe in feminism...With three daughters and four granddaughters, each of whom I love specially and dearly, how could I NOT be a feminist...???My purpose for writing this post is to beg some prominent CHRISTIAN FEMINISTS to come forward and boldly mak...
February is Black History Month...!!!I’m trying to figure out why, in a Country where 24% of the population claims to be Catholic, only 3% of African Americans worship as Catholics...!!!While I grew up in a typical second generation Italian American neighborhood, and I’m sorry to say I DID hear t...
Do you believe in the theory of EVOLUTION...???In addition to Darwin’s THEORY OF EVOLUTION there are some other theories that have been adopted by PROGRESSIVES to ‘persuade’ (read bamboozle) the gullible to see things their way: Darwin’s theory of ‘NATURAL SELECTION’...The dictionary definition o...
So how WILL President Obama spend his billion dollar reelection war chest...???Keeping in mind he must get a majority of prospective voters to forget or ignore his FAILED POLICIES...He needs to CREATE a PERCEPTION THAT WILL MAKE HIM ELECTABLE...Here’s how he will do it: DIVIDE AND CONQUER...!!!Ri...