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I listened carefully to The State of The Union Address on Tuesday evening...And before commenting on it I let some time for reflection pass by...What a clever ‘PEP RALLY’ led by a clever orator...!!!Missing from the speech, however, were many important items on the minds of many like minded citiz...
Most of you probably are unaware that for around 3 years now, since I have been ‘semi-retired’, I have taken on driving two ‘special ed’ students to school and back home each day...This doesn’t conflict with my ‘consulting’ duties at Patriot Land Transfer, Inc., since I am able to squeeze in most...
That’s right, old Ambassadors never die, they just fade away into RAINMAKING...!!!In case you haven’t noticed I’ve lost my ‘Ambassador’s Badge’ here at Active Rain...That’s right again, I’ve been relegated to be a plain old ‘RAINMAKER’.......once again...Oh, don’t be concerned that I was involunt...
2012...A Leap Of Faith Year...???It will take a ‘LEAP OF FAITH’ on behalf of many potential voters to bring about a successful 2012...!!!Even though our current President has failed on just about every front, there are millions of deluded liberals who still have their heads in the sand.......(or ...