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I love family traditions...they are like the unseen catalysts that bond a family together and give it strength! So much so, that if you don't have any...create and your family need them!In this age where the family is being attacked from all sides, and so many families have been split ...
Much has been said in the last few days about real estate agents justifying their justify or not to justify, that is the question!Only cavemen don't know that real estate agents work on a commission percentage of the sale price, not on an hourly rate or salary, or fee based sched...
As a child, I always remember Holy Week as something special...not only spiritually, because of the values and courtesies and customs instilled in us by the dedicated nuns that taught us in grade school, but also in the preparations taking place in my own home for Easter.In between attending chur...
I stayed up late last night and watched the Pope celebrate Mass for Holy Thursday on EWTN, the Eternal Word Television Network, which we are fortunate to receive on our cable network!This service was particularly moving to watch as it contained the ritual of 'the washing of the feet' which symbol...
You'll remember on President's Day, my 7 and 3/4 year old daughter Emily decided to spend a day at the office with Dad! And that day went pretty well. We both had a good time, and Emily was quite impressed with the phenomenon we call 'blogging' and especially the many comments that Active Rainers...
Blessings On Your Day!We have a mortgage broker that regularly refers clients to us for refinancing and purchases that will always greet you over the phone with the words, "Blessings on your day". At first blush, this may sound trite and maybe even foolish to many reading this post! But let me te...
The other day I wrote a post suggesting we declare a 'War On Oil'...of course absurdly rising gas prices 'fueled' (pun intended) my anger and the post clearly reflected my disgust with the entire situation! It's bad enough for me and my wife to shell out $3.50 a gallon for gasoline, but I feel so...
One hundred and two years ago to the day, on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1906, my grandfather Giovanni Gaspari, whom I never knew, set foot on The United States of America soil for the first time!Can you imagine the excitement of seeing The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor for the first time...
Active Rain: Welcome Jeff Wodtke!!!A few months ago I received an e-mail from Jeff Wodtke, of Butler, Pennsylvania, informing me that he was in the process of obtaining his sales license and was enjoying reading posts on Active Rain! I encouraged Jeff to join our community...and he said he would ...
It's Palm Sunday morning and three Gaspari boys still suffer from yesterday's Saturday sticker shock!!!No we didn't buy a new car yesterday...the 'sticker shock' alludes to the row of picker bushes that lines the rear of our 2 acre seperates our property from a row of beautiful matu...

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