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When I first decided to start blogging back in July of last year...I was motivated by my burning desire to 'set the world straight'...especially the real estate world...and especially those here on Active Rain that would listen to my rantings!I didn't like the way my beloved title industry was go...
Listen Active Rainers...My subscriber list has stalled for a few days now at 98 99! So I'm extending an invitation for a couple one more Active Rainers to subscribe to my blog so I can hit that 'Century Mark'!It's exciting to penetrate new plateaus, new vistas, new territory!!!Now, if you're look...
If you missed my post of yesterday, you missed a good one...of the couple of hundred posts I've written, this was among one of my best! Here, I'll give you another chance!!! Be sure and come back, hereHad my timing been better it would have earned a feature, I'm sure!The post WAS feat...
Here's just what we need...more not so good news!I'm beginning today with this post to alter my way of thinking and the way I express the term 'BAD NEWS'...from now on I will refer to the term as 'not so good news'...same thing, but doesn't it sound so much better?'Perception Is King' has be...
How's this for a 'mission statement':"We care for the earth by promoting organic & bio-dynamic farming methods. We conduct our business in a respectful & ethical manner while building strong cooperative ties within our larger community.In a more personal way, we support each individuals quest to ...
The Real Estate's like the weather...kinda!!!It's Monday morning, and I usually get some serious business thoughts in my brain that wind up as my first post of the work week! I don't feel those kind of vibes this Monday morning...there are plenty of serious posts on Active Rain, so if...
Can keyboards really cause cancer??? Stay tuned!How many of you Active Rainers out there still use a keyboard to generate your posts??? I see most of your hands going up indicating that most of you are still 'keyboard dependent'!!!Well, I've got some good news and some bad news for you with your ...
I love writing Sunday morning posts! Sunday is 'The Lord's Day'...I don't look at Sundays as sacrificially setting aside a day to worhip God...but rather as a special day each week to celebrate with God His Creation...all of which is Holy because He created it!!! That's all my message is about to...
In one of her recent posts, Patricia Kennedy, my friend from the D.C. area, hinted that she was just getting around to putting away her Christmas decorations...I assume from Christmas 2007, although I'm not absolutely sure!In any event, in honor of our friendship, and to celebrate two months from...
Bouncing back and forth between Active Rain and Title-opoly, Ed Rybczynski's fabulous web site where hard core title issues are openly discussed, sometimes ad nauseum, a very important matter came to my attention...a matter which requires swift and immediate action. We constantly post about and r...

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