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Been thinking about this since yesterday's experience with American Airlines. When we have a client that takes too much time and leaves of needing time off before we deal with our great customers and clients, what can we do?  I have referred these people to other agents that might have a more com...
This morning American Airlines reminded me the importance of customer service, especially when I could be at fault as the service provider.  I had a choice of two lines at 4:20 a.m.  One line was labeled PAPER TICKETS ONLY and the other Domestic and International Check In.  I didn't have a paper ...
As in an earlier blog it is clear to me that what we do this month makes our spring sales.  I also wonder how many people really sit down and make a real plan based on real numbers in real potential growth.  Many years ago I worked with Sheila Moran, who I am now helping run her own office (RE/MA...
I think REALTOR'S (r) need to work harder with mortgage lenders to help people understand interest rates and what drives them.  I got a few calls today from people that wanted almost no interest loans.  What the fed does not directly affect mortgage rates.  How may times did the fed lower rates a...
I find it interesting all the agents that take most of December off.  Any buyer out there isn't just "looking" and anyone wanting to sell really needs to sell.  You don't have to know how to prequalify this time of the year.  (Although I always do) What better time to list a home then when it is ...
Of all those that have been given a second chance on their mortgages, over 50% of them are re-defaulting (I think the bailout has created a new lingo for us)  I looked at all the money we are putting into companies that are failing.  I don't understand that a company is too big to let M...
Real Estate is local.  Our market is much more sluggish then it was a year ago, but we are in a far better position than most of the rest of the Country.  We had Gary Moon speak at the chamber lunch today and he thinks we have about 5 more tough months and then will have a great Christmas next ye...

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