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Really worried about Health-care after "lending reform"! Kristin Moran wrote a few weeks ago about things to do while on hold with Bank of America.  It just took me over a week to get a fully signed contracted (also with BoA) receipted. I am sure that these are not the things that should be takin...
The meaning of time! I have always liked the email about time that says To understand the meaning of a Year, ask the student that failed an exam and was held back. To understand the meaning of a Month, ask the mother of a premature baby. To understand the meaning of a Day, ask a daily wage earner...
But, because March 18th is the 3rd Thursday, I will have to work this year year on the 18th of March. Another one of RE/MAX Access's Cold Drinks and Hot Topics!  We put these classes on primarily for the Real Estate Community and have had agents from as far as Northern Virginia attend.  We like a...
This first one, I have only seen in one place, by the door of some great friend's barn (really a cabin that used to be a barn) in Colorado.  Bill and Adele, thanks for this.... All of our guests bring a smile to our face.  Some when the arrive, The rest when they depart! This one is around, but ...
I have heard this story over and over.  Coming from an Irish Catholic family, I really always thought if it as a myth or legend and moved on with other things.  A few years ago I got this story and I tried to find it in and had no luck.  I then tried wiki and search most of the people ...

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