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 Let's have a little chat about value can we? Although this discussion can apply to most anything that is bought or sold, let's limit our discussion to the buying the selling of residential real estate. In real estate, we throw around all kinds of numbers about the value of a particular piece of ...
Lots of improvements are happening around the county. The Giant grocery store at Lancaster Center is closing for 3 months to prepare for their new, much much larger store and we see that the Manheim Twp library is scheduled to open in mid September. Wonderful things are happening in Lancaster Cou...
I'm anxioulsy awaiting the reconstruction of the Giant grocery in the Lancaster Shopping center between Oregan and Lititz pikes just outside of the Grandview neighborhoods.  The new store should be more than double the existing store.  I'm going to miss it while it's closed for about 3 months, bu...
I received an e-mail yesterday from another Realtor telling me about how she works with this cash investor who will write an offer for my short sale and then negotiate with the lenders on behalf of my clients, the sellers and get the deal done.  All I have to do is sit back and wait for the settl...
I've been reading with great interest about the various government sponsored mortgage foreclosure programs at all levels, local state and federal.  I can't seem to find one that is actually working.  TARP is the worst case of corporate welfare in recorded history and by Barney Frank's own admissi...
Please, please, please contact your senators and congress reps to stop the CRAM Down Mortgages.  These legislation would allow a home owner who is default on their mortgage to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and then the judge would have the authority to dictate new terms for the mortgage.  The pr...
Has anybody looked at Dick Durban's plan for the so called "Cram Down" mortgages?  From what I understand they'll drive the current market further into the ground.  The only ones making a profit from this legislation are the BK attorneys and homeowners with no scruples.  It'll punish the homeowne...

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