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 Here is an excerpt from the tips I've posted on our website at  Showing your home so it sells:Your home has to sell itself, not you or an agent will have luck selling a too worn house for what it could be worth.  Make your house beau...
 19880 Church Street Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971Edgewater ParkExclusive Well-Appointed Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Condominium.  $535,000 includes everything you need & want in a beach house  For the discriminating buyer who wants to have nice views in and out. Click Here for Virtual Tour of the Beach ...
Has anyone has past experience with trigger leads, whereby when you pull a customer's credit report that the credit bureaus...Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, sell that info to other mortgage companies?  I have heard of this happening, think it is wrong, and want to try to protect my customers ...
I think title companies add a lot of value and deserve to be paid for what they do.  Title searches are very important.  I just see people shelling out $2000-$3000 for title insurance and have never heard of a claim filed against a house where the title insurance was needed.  Is it too expensive ...
Realtors and title companies and other real estate professionals serving PA:Please so go my new blog, and at a minimum, under real estate professionals click comment and and leave your contact info, including web address. website gets a lot of traffic.  We d...
1/25/08 The worst housing financial crisis is only going to get worse, a Merrill Lynch report said today...they forecast a 15 percent drop in housing prices in 2008 and an additional 10 percent drop in 2009, with even more depreciation in 2010.With news like this, buyers are going to wait to buy....
How has the sub prime market fallout affected you?  I know our lenders tightened the guideines for high risk loans.  I do not ever make predatory type loans but there was a product I had for people with great credit that was a no doc loan and required no money down and came with a very good rate....

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