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Bogus callers and Anonimous jokers GrandCentral is a telephone service bought by Google a couple of years ago and is capable of blocking bogus callers, offers a selection of greetings, screens incoming calls, sends email notifications and it is FREE. What you need to d...
Home values and the US government The United States government has a web site called for the "Office of federal Housing Enterprise Oversight" and its mission statement is "to promote housing and a strong national housing finance system by ensouring the safety and soundness o...
Presentations at the next level The act of presentation is the cornerstone for promoting products and services.The better the presentation the more resources spent for producing it. There are many ways for presenting products and services as we all know. The latest trend is the web based presenta...
Olympic Season Realtors should be receiving Gold medals for sustaining in a BEAR market. (to say the least) Our leadership crew in our associations work hard making sure that the membership receives the best training available in courses ranging from Technology to real estate Law and beyond. We s...
Responsibility and Accuracy go hand by hand. As a real estate professional I always spend a good part of my day suffling through listings for my buyers. I really want to express my gratitude to my local MLS operator (provider) for using the MarketLinx solution which incorporates a "clients" modul...
BACKUP -- Always backup your removable media such as Flash drives, CDROMs, excternal drives etc. Whether you are using a simple excel spreadsheet or an Outlook addressbook or any other method to record your activities such as calendars etc. always BACKUP at least once per week and especia...
Travelling a lot ?? Expedia has a special running where you will receive up tp $75.00 "free gas money" and up to 50% discount in hotels stay rates. So now is the time to travel out of your range to show property stay in a hotel get a discount and receive "gas money" .... That is sweet .... thanks...
Video publishing Tutorial Video shooting === be extremely slow while moving around with your camera (after all large studio facilities are NOT silly mounting cameras on wheels and moving SSSSLLLLOOOOOOWWWW ). Any camera will do the job (I preffer HP) . You can pick one up at
Hi everyone I believe with all this mess in the financing field real estate has at least another 2 years before it turns to normal. (what is normal --- in residential real estate a 5-6% annual appreciation). This is the time to extensively train and position ourselves in the market in such a way ...

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