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Send this to your Mortgage Broker. I give this to all our new brokers and remind everyone regularly Secret to our success. You don't need to buy a "system" to get organized & create partnerships with local agents, Do it yourself.All it really takes is going back to basics, & investing in some qua...
For some reason lenders aren't doing loans with clients that have even the smallest disputes on their credit; even if they owe nothing on the account. There is one lender I found that will make an exception, but that is only case by case and takes a bit to get approved. We have found several ways...
Hello everyone,     Congress extended the National Flood Insurance Program!! Wow, they did it ahead of time! Last time they let it expire for 4 weeks! What this means to you is that your broker doesn't have to worry about binding the flood insurance before September 30th.   Hope this helps!!!
What does that mean?  It's the mortgage insurance that is paid upfront and also monthly. This is how FHA loans have the lower mortgage insurance is by collecting part of the mortgage insurance upfront and then they can have a much lower payment than conventional mortgage insurance. This is what H...
I hope these sites help you a bit! Payment Protection for your customers Has a program for Mortgage Payment: Pays the lesser of 2500 or PITI for upto 6 months within the coverage period, usually 2 years. It starts after 60 days of closing, considered the vesting period....
"The NFIP is currently facing a Sept. 30 expiration, and trade groups are sounding the alarm as Congress returns for a month-long session" What does this mean to you, in plain English: If you are selling or buying a home in a flood zone and your buyer doesn't get flood insurance before Sept 30th,...
Rate Update Call me with questions or special pricing Pablo Samsing 954-288-9242   FHA 30 year fixed Perfect borrower: 4.25 Medium borrower: 4.375 Poor borrower: 4.49   Conventional/Fannie Mae 30 year fixed Perfect borrower: 4.375 Medium borrower: 4.875 Poor borrower: 5.375   Conventional/Fannie ...
ATTENTION BORROWERS AND REALTORS Every once in awhile there is an important quirk in how Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA do things... for some reason if you have any dispute on your credit it will either be denied or have to be done with manual underwriting. It's best to not have any disputes on ...

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