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REO Tip #6 – Save Money and Not Waste Money on Late Fees!   For the single agent or small REO brokerage, access to money is not always easy and there are times when you may need to delay payment on certain invoices. However, when you decided to join the ranks of the thousands of other agents in t...
One of the dilemmas often faced by brokers and agents is keeping track of the utility bills once it is in the mail and/or once it is on your desk among the pile of other invoices, contracts, bids, BPOs, and the mass of other forms the broker and agent see on a daily basis.   One way to combat thi...
Does your REO Bank have an Emergency Preparedness Plan? Most do not. When I listing to the weather channel regarding Hurricane Irene, it came to my attention that none of the Asset Manager that the agents and brokers I work with on the east coast has communicated any form of emergency preparednes...
East Coast Earthquake, Yikes, The sky is falling! WOW, only the second one I have been in but the worst. I was sitting at my desk when the house started shaking and the dog started yelping. It probably lasted a good 20 - 30 seconds but it was enough for me to stand at attention and rethink what w...
Setting your sights on the target, don't waiver, and aim! Are you aiming for the mark or shooting from the hip without a target in mind? The end of the year is near and how many of us have set our sights on the target? Don't spend another year wondering how you are going to succeed as a realtor. ...
Brokers and agents often wonder why they receive such a low rating with REO Banks and Asset Management Companies. Instead of looking at their past output and current REO Process from assignment to closing. All asset managers want to feel like they are #1 and the only  client on your list. If your...
Remember when you were learning how to write your ABC 123 in pre-school? Remember when you turned in sloppy work or if your letters didn't touch the lines your teacher would make you start over? Well, for some agents and brokers, let's go back to pre-school. Please read the directions that came w...
The REO banks prohibit the agents from uploading confidential buyer information is many of the portals, more specifically, EQUATOR. Each offer, Proof of Fund, Earnest Deposit must have either specific information blanked out or a substitute verification is used. For the reimbursement submissions,...
You MLS marketing content is outdated ordoesn't tell the buyer anything about the house, why haven't you changed it? Let's be reasonable, it bad enought that the buyers and sellers are forced to look at outdated photos; you know, the summer listing with snow on the ground and the winter listings ...
REO Agents, when you go through the sometimes pain staking phone call of getting the utilites turn on at a property, pay the bills monthly without skipping a beat only to find out that when you have an accepted offer on a property, the water is not turned on? Hmmmm, what happened!!!!!!! You have ...

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