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Once again, another company’s invention to create a way to share your Outlook folders with another person on the other side of the world has made my life easier. I found Shared O several years ago while debating between having a client use an online server or backup and send files via email. Eith...
Benefits of using an Online Transaction Management System: 1.      Connects to your Office. You can connect virtually with your office so you can spend less time at your desk. You will have 24/7 access to all of your files. 2.      Document Tracking. Allows the Broker and Agent better document tr...
There is a growing trend in using online transaction management programs. But are the programs worth the investment? Sure. However, the program selected is only as good as its users. Some agents equate price with quality, other equate quality with ease of use. As a transaction coordinator, I pref...
 KVUE News has learned that Austin police are looking into accusations from local real estate agents all alleging a disturbing experience with an unknown man posing as a client.  April 21, 2011 was the last known incident of a man pretending to be a condo buyer.  Real estate workers believe he in...
Experienced business professionals know that the key to building a dynamic business is to create referral businesses. How do you convince your current clients to provide you with new leads? How do you convince past clients to come back as repeats? How do you surpass the previous service with new ...
9/11 is a Day to Remember and it was also the same day that 911 experienced the test of all times. I remember the events of the John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy assassination, the news print of the many earthquakes to hit California, the explosion of the space shuttle, the d...
  Now that you have taken the pictures, walked the entire perimeter of the home, scanned outside perimeter and now you are carefully jotting down little notes about the home. Back at the office, you are writing your ad. Hmmm, this home really doesn’t have a lot of features. Maybe it is less attra...
  As a general policy, most utility companies will charge real estate agents and brokers several fees to setup services. Such fees may include a deposit, membership fee, admin fee, connection fee, or service inspection fee. While some fees are general and required without exception, there is one ...
Quick Link to The City Utility Departments   While setting up several of a client’s water/sewer utility services in Texas, I came across a site that actually allows you to setup one main account and link it to multiple utility companies that are servicing different cities across the USA. This is ...
One of the dilemmas often faced by brokers and agents is keeping track of the utility bills once it is in the mail and/or once it is on your desk among the pile of other invoices, contracts, bids, BPOs, and the mass of other forms the broker and agent see on a daily basis.   One way to combat thi...

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