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Your Contact List Can Bring Success! This is the time of year that many find out that the contacts on their list has changed their information or have move on to the lure of another agent. Well, it happens but, what measures did you take during the other 364 days to prevent this result? Neglectin...
Are You Ready for 2013? Are you ready for 2013? January 1st is only a few days away, less than 47 days away to be exact and many wait until January to think about budgeting, revamping, and getting their business administrative functions in order. You should be planning the why, how, when, and whe...
Not having a system in place. Having a system in place is necessary to manage your short sale files. Documents and information can easily be misplaced when it is not stored or shared properly. Whether working solo or with an assistant or team, you should always have a manageable system in place ...
FEATURED PRODUCT:  EZ Coordinator EZ Coordinator is a robust transaction management platform for real agents, transaction coordinators and brokers. It provides all the tools necessary to manage your transactions and eliminate paper. It automates dozens of tasks that can streamline the transaction...
There are very few tasks that a REVA cannot complete. Make sure you create a job description that is clear and will define the requirements of the assignment. If you are seeking a Marketing Coordinator, don't switch around the position after hiring the assistant and insist that the Real Estate Vi...
Creating an office team may look good on paper however, implementing from paper to people may result in issues, problems, and conflicts that you never imagined.  Adding an offsite real estate assistant to an already formed or in progress office could add additional stress to the current office re...
5 Quick Tips for Increasing your Client Base Increased listings should not begin with marketing to new and potential clients but begins with continued nurturing of current and past clients. With that being said, build a client referral base with existing and past clients. Let those individuals be...
Why Do I Like Broker Brain? I can give you seven reasons why I like Broker Brain. 1. Excellent Customer Service. Even though I have only had the need to contact CS twice to find out more about the program before recommending, customer service was great! Less calls to customer service means the pr...
The real estate market has slowed down for many agents over the past 4-5 years. Some agents have opted to pursue another career by leaving the industry, some decided to add a second field or take on a part time job, and other opted to take advantage of the slow market by taking a hard look at the...
So do you think your closing was a success? Well, a closing is never a success if it is not put to the final test. What do I mean? I'm not referring to the final docs being sign at the closing table or  your commission check was delivered. What I am referring to is a happy buyer AND seller, not a...

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