If you think property development is an exclusively corporate venture, think again. An increasing number of independent investors are finding success in turning run-down buildings into profitable developments. Like any other real estate investment, property development comes with risks. Should yo...
Any real estate investor will agree that purchasing property is exhilarating. The process of evaluating properties and brokering a deal an make you look ahead to potential income. However, it's important to consider all financial aspects of the sale because neglecting to do so could negatively i...
  Today’s reality television shows make flipping homes look glamorous because in many cases, the shows’ hosts are able to turn a significant profit in a short period of time. This has made flipping (buying a home with the intention of turning a profit) an increasingly popular property investment...
As today’s banks reject riskier real estate investments, an increasing number of borrowers are gravitating toward private lending and other alternate sources of financing. Private lending, offered through private individuals or companies, finances borrowers who don’t qualify for traditional mortg...

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