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 This morning I was reading a post by Michael Klijanowicz titled "HALLOWEEN IS GOING TO SUCK THIS YEAR".  It was a cartoon about children trick or treating in a neighborhood of foreclosed homes. There was a comment made by Renee Burrows on how she was going to use this opportunity to place flyers...
 Here we go just another way that the good consumer is getting screwed.  I am so pissed off that this post just may end up being a constant rant.  I have been doing business with Advanta Credit Card for years now and many other credit cards.  I always pay on time, always pay double or triple my m...
Recently I wrote a post regarding *77 for cell phones.  It went like this: I received an e-mail from a friend that I thought was so important I would share it with everyone.  Here is the story posted: I knew  about the red light on cars, but not the *77It was about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, and...
I think I have been watching to much News, Political Debates, and reading in general just to much negative information.  I need to clear my head and refocus.  When this happens to me I find positive things to do outside or around town. Recently I was reading the forum on
                                          Photo by: Katy (Katrinkles)                                                          Tiverton was originally incorporated in 1694, as part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. After a long dispute she was annexed to Rhode Island in 1746. The town was incorpor...
   DANGER - TRYING TO CAPTURE YOUR INFORMATION Recently a friend of ours has had his/her identity stolen.  He/She is not sure how or where it happened.  So today as I was reading through my e-mail I checked my spam folder.  I am quite use to seeing solicitations from other countries requesting in...
I just got back from Brimfield one of the largest Antique Shows in New England.  I am soooo far behind but found this so funny I though I would take a few minutes to share this with you.   This is a doll house that was for sale in a booth next to ours.  It came with everything furniture, roof til...
Second time Second Beer.  I foolishly while in draft mode went to copy my tags and lost my post. Oh well guess we all do that once. Where to start again? I live in a nice coastal town. A piece of God's country it seems because no one wants to leave and if we have to when we get older we seem to w...
It has been nine days since my last blog and let me tell what a crazy, hectic and sometimes sorrowful nine days it has been.  First lets start with the sorrowful news so we can end on a happy note.  A very good friend of ours had a ATV accident almost didn't survive.  We had gotten news he was do...
Please help.  I have read everything that I can regarding entering graphics into my blog and profile description.  I also have a blog on blogger and I don't have this problem. When I go to enter a graphic my browse button doesn't work. Why? I have placed my cursor where I want the photo, set the ...

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