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The purpose of this Blog is to provide in-depth analysis of legal issues effecting Massachusetts Real Estate as well as analysis of market trends and comment on common issues, experiences and professional relationships
Buying and Selling a home is really difficult work.  There are many times that I am asked by people "Can I save money if I sell my home without a Realtor?" The answer of course is "Yes", you CAN save money without using a Realtor's services, because you will not have to pay a commission.  This co...
Hello: Following is my entry for the Active Rain 2008 video contest. My inspiration was the last ten years of closings that I have conducted and the last six months of heartbreaking drama that I have counseled.  I just realized that my post was too short to register as a real entry even though it...
SHORT SALESby Attorney Nyles L. CourchesneThere is a lot of talk these days about short sales. Many people looking to make a move find that they cannot afford to sell their homes at current market values. Following is an overview of the short sale process directed primarily toward Realtors and an...
It seems as though the market has suddenly changed in Springfield, Massachusetts.  There are 2 family, bank owned properties on the market right now for $30,000.00.  Two years ago these same homes were selling for $150,000.00+  If ever there was a time to purchase multi-family homes in Springfiel...
Over the past few months I have read many posts from various investor advisers promoting short sales.  While I have read and learned from many of the authors of these posts, the common theme seems to be that the investor must manipulate the system in order to convince the lander that heir propert...
Very recently, I read some material from a really great Realtor from New York who is writing articles about working with Realtors.  I took issue with one of his points, so I will have him remain nameless in this post.  He posits the idea that buyers should choose their bank first, before contacti...
Once upon a time, when I was  just starting out as an attorney, I was not an advocate of title insurance.  It seemed to me that if a title examiner had reviewed the title to a piece of property, then why should someone also have to pay for title insurance?  Doesn't the title examiner have title i...
It is happening right now, as we speak. . . millions of email fliers advertising the fast falling interest rates are circulating the United States.  There are rumors that another drop is immanent!  What are the loan originators of America doing to attract this business?  I would like to know!  Re...
THE BROKER’S PRICE OPINION:Once the Lender has received the short sale application, the next phase of the approval process is the Lender’s independent verification of the value of the home based upon its condition and market conditions in the neighborhood in which the subject property is located....
A smooth closing! OK, but what does that mean?  I just had a situation arise in my office that is reminiscent of an issue that I had many years ago which was simply mortifying: I received a referral from a Realtor for a purchase.  We worked very well together throughout the process.  The Buyer wa...

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