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Hot off the press. Check out my new book: "A Buyers Guide to Foreclosures." Also recommended for real estate agents who want to learn about foreclosures. Buyer it at
I found these two great articles on Mortgage Planning and the new Qualified Mortgage rule:
Bank of America has started a new foreclosure/lease program where they will allow some delinquent home owners transfer title back to BofA (forgiving their mortgage) and in return,BofA will lease the home back to the owner at or below market rents for up to 3 years. In my opinion, this "Mortgage t...
The $25 billion robo signing settlement was reached with 5 banks recently, but what effect is this really going to have. For most of us, nothing. But even for those who will receive payment from the settlement it will be very minimal. However, this will have a hugh impact on the market. These ban...
I found this to be a very interesting article worth sharing. Excerpt: It's time for me -- and you -- to take a lesson from the big brands, a lesson that's true for anyone who's interested in what it takes to stand out and prosper in the new world of work. Regardless of age, regardless of position...
I just returned from the Coldwell Banker GenBlue Convention in New Orleans. I attended several great courses including the CRS 112: Guiding the Buyer in the Distressed Property Market. This course offered good statistics and facts regarding the distressed property market: 100% of all Real Estate ...
I found this article the other day on the Christian Science Monitor where Occupy Wall Street protesters were disrupting foreclosure auctions and foreclosure proceedings. It is interesting the mentality of this group of people. I think some legitimately want to make a positive change in this count...
It was a cold February morning. I was standing on the porch of an old rundown home built around 1920 that had been vacant and abandoned for years. The home was located in downtown Jackson on the appropriately named Hooker St. Right behind me were two guys hired from Labor Finders by the owner of ...
This was originally posted on by business blog at, but I thought the underlying principle could be useful and applied to our real estate business...though you may not want to ask your sell to do a money back guarantee or 30 day free trial. But you may want to give it ...
This is an excerpt from a book I am writing called: "Buyers Guide to Foreclosures." I would love to hear from the AR community regarding feedback, comments or suggestions on the below statements. Now, I want to challenge your assumptions for a moment by making a statement that may seem counter in...

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